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Yolanda Vasquez, L.Ac.

Acupuncturist located in Upper West Side, Manhattan, NY

Whether you dread the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, you’ve reached menopause and struggle with hot flashes, or you’re pregnant and have morning sickness, acupuncture can help relieve your symptoms. Yolanda Vasquez, LAC, has years of experience performing acupuncture at points that safely and effectively treat a variety of women’s health concerns. Call her office in Manhattan, New York City, or schedule an appointment online for acupuncture treatment for your health issue.

Women's Health Q & A

What women’s health issues can be treated with acupuncture?

Acupuncture is increasingly recognized as a safe and effective treatment option for some of the most predominant women’s health issues, like symptoms associated with menopause and premenstrual syndrome.


When your ovaries stop producing estrogen, or if you’ve had your ovaries surgically removed, you reach menopause. Before, during, and after menopause, you’re likely to experience symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, and mood changes – all of which can be helped with acupuncture.

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Fluctuating levels of hormones during monthly menstrual cycles cause PMS in about one in three women. PMS causes physical and psychological symptoms just before your menstrual period, including headaches, fatigue, irritability, anxiety, depression, and trouble concentrating. Studies show that acupuncture treatment significantly relieves PMS symptoms.

Acupuncture may also help regulate menstrual cycles, relieve heavy bleeding caused by endometriosis, and improve depression, anxiety, and insomnia associated with PMS and menopause.

Is acupuncture safe during pregnancy?

You can safely get acupuncture treatments while you’re pregnant. In fact, it’s an alternative to medications that may not be safe for the baby, such as antidepressants. Acupuncture may help treat:

  • Morning sickness that commonly occurs in the first trimester
  • Heartburn and hemorrhoids in the second trimester
  • Backache and joint pain during the third trimester
  • Depression throughout pregnancy

A specific acupuncture method, called moxibustion, may turn a baby from breech position to a head first presentation. In one study, babies in a breech position turned following moxibustion in 75% of the women who received the treatment.

Moxibustion combines acupuncture with a burning of the herb mugwort. If you’re concerned about a possible breech birth, Ms. Vasquez can explain the details of the procedure and how it works.

How does acupuncture work to improve women’s health?

Acupuncture can target more than 2,000 acupuncture points that are connected by pathways of energy called meridians. These pathways conduct bioenergy, or Qi, throughout your body, but sometimes they become blocked due to psychological, emotional, or physical problems.

Each organ and system in your body is associated with specific meridians and acupuncture points. When they’re stimulated by inserting an acupuncture needle, the pathway is unblocked, balance is restored, and the body can use its natural energy to heal.

Acupuncture also stimulates nerves that trigger the release of neurochemicals and endorphins in the brain. As a result, pain is naturally relieved, and PMS issues like depression, anxiety, and insomnia improve.